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Golden Mountains

Client: Swarovski

Location: Concept

Date: 2015

Material: Swarovski Crystal, Mirrored Stainless Steel

Translating a fashion product brand into luxurious living spaces 

The goal of the Space Marveled by Swarovski initiative was to imagine how the Swarovski brand would translate into luxury residential and hospitality spaces. In collaboration with TVS Design Atlanta and working in partnership with acclaimed principal architect, Steve Clem, it was my role to synthesize core principles of the Swarovski brand and develop with Steve Clem´s team a design language rooted in business strategy. This guideline book contained directives such as “no signage” and warm tones to put a strong distance between these residential and hospitality spaces and Swarovski´s famous white, cool-tone stores. The spaces had to “read” as Swarovski for Users even though there were no familiar visual indicators.

The brand strategy for spaces we developed governed the conceptual depiction of a Swarovski residential tower with renderings of the penthouse, tower external entrance, lobby, grand banquet hall and bridal suite. In the case, of Steve Clem´s Lobby Design I also designed the feature element, Golden Mountains.

Brand Strategy

Experience Design

Installation Design: Public Space

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