Swan Chandelier

Client: Private Residence

Location: Witanhurst House, London,    UK

Date: 2013

Material: Gold-plated cast bronze,            Crystal

Dimensions: 4,7 m (15.3´) x 2.75 m (9´) x  2.75 m (9´)

Creating a one-of-a-kind chandelier worthy of Buckingham Palace

Witanhurst House is London´s second largest private residence - second only to Buckingham Palace. The client wanted an grand entrance chandelier, in the traditional Georgian style, for the renovation and rebuilding of Witanhurst House that would be as incredible as any chandelier in Buckingham Palace. After a competition looking for Designer able to work in the old traditions as well as present a powerful new story my Swan chandelier was selected. To design this chandelier in the old traditions meant every single chandelier element had to be bespoke coming together in an exquisite composition. A deep knowledge of what traditional craftsman in cast metal, crystal and glass could create was necessary, especially understanding where they could innovate.

The Swan chandelier is inspired by a Georgian style garden fountain. On the lower tier swans are gliding along the surface of the water with water jets spraying around and ornate foliage growing out of the fountain. On the top tier the swans take flight. The idea came as a response to the additional challenge from the client that chandelier have gold-plated cast metal arms when a traditional Georgian chandelier is entirely made of glass. I sought a visual story rooted in Georgian-style heritage that could set the stage for combining the two materials to powerful effect.

Shown is the mock-up of the chandelier in the entrance. Images of the final chandelier are not available due to privacy of the client.

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